Last updated: Dec 4th, 2020


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Limitation of liability

You waive and shall not assert any claims or allegations of any nature whatsoever against, its affiliates or subsidiaries, their sponsors, contractors, advertisers, vendors or other partners, any of their successors or assigns, or any of their respective officers, directors, agents or employees (collectively, the "Released parties") arising out of or in any way relating to your use of the site or the content, including, without limitation, any claims or allegations relating to the alleged infringement of proprietary rights, alleged inaccuracy of content, or allegations that any released party has or should indemnify, defend or hold harmless you or any third-party from any claim or allegation arising from your use or other exploitation of the site. MAVEKITE WILL BE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE / CLAIMS IN ANY CASE, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.


It is not permitted to share account access or redistribute it to other person or company. MaveKite will not provide further updates or product support for any MaveKite account / license key that has been bundled, re-packaged, re-sold or re-distributed by an original MaveKite customer of that account or key.

Account holders cannot distribute, freely giveaway, or resell their account key. The account key is only transferable by contacting us and requesting an official transfer of the key to a new owner.


Support and automatic product updates are provided for the term defined by the account type and are based on the date of purchase. After the subscription has expired it must be renewed to continue receiving support and product updates.

Refund Policy

We care about our services and customers. We want to ensure that you are happy with your purchase and that our products work correctly in your work environment. If you have any questions, problems or concerns with any of our products then please let us know by contacting us.

Money Back Guarantee

If you have any irresolvable issues getting one of our services to work or if you're completely unhappy with it, we will be happy to provide a full refund within 72 hours* of the original purchase. After 72 hours*, no refunds can be given.

If you'd like to request a refund, please contact us and tell us why you'd like to have your payment refunded. We're dedicated to making our services as awesome as possible, so if you're able to include a clear explanation of why you are unhappy so that we can see whether there's anything we can do about it for you or for our other services users, then that would be hugely appreciated!

Transactional Emails

MaveKite may on occasion send you email notifications related to your service . These emails may include notification of changes to our terms and conditions, license expiration notices and other transactional emails related to your purchase.

Price Changes

MaveKite reserves the right to change the price of any service at any time. Any price change will be reflected on In the event that any price is lowered, you will not be entitled to a refund for the difference in the price from the time you purchased the service.

Data Privacy

Please refer to our privacy policy page.

Rights Reserved

We have all the rights to change / modify / amend our terms of service / privacy policy at any time.